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Baby's First Birthday

It’s amazing how fast time seem to go by this past year  Just yesterday you were looking at your newborn baby in complete awe and now today you are planning their first birthday party.  A few helpful tips for planning this special day are:

  1. Remember this is a celebration for the baby, so respect their schedule.  When deciding on a time for the celebration, schedule it around the baby’s sleep schedule.  This may create an unexpected start time but a rested baby is usually a happy baby. 
  2.  Make sure there is a private room in case it is needed for a guest.  Other guest may have small children and may need privacy for diapering or feeding or for calming their child if the event becomes overwhelming.
  3. Keep the planning process as simple as possible.  Ask for if needed.  Do not lose focus on the celebration in the planning process.
  4. Have designated photographers.  There is no guarantee which way the “One” year old will want to look, so instead of creating irritability by having the sit or stand a certain way for to long for posed photos have photographers.  Plan group photos at the beginning of the event before the baby becomes overwhelmed or too excited
  5. Involve older kids in the events.  Let them help with games, crafts, and music.  Little ones tend to follow older children closely.
  6. Personalize the Party – Make sure to highlight events over the past year of your babies life.  Everyone will love these highlights.  A great way to do this is a slide show.  Babies love watching themselves.
  7. You can use a cupcake for the cake smashing.  If not a cupcake make sure it is a small and simple cake.  Less to clean up, leaves more time for fun.
  8. Keep it short and sweet.  Two hours or less for this event and everyone will leave on a happy note.


  1. A cookout can be a small intimate gathering or a very large affair. Regardless of the size, it is important
    to beginning planning early and allow yourself enough time.
     Pick a date and time that most people you want to invite are free and available. A minimum of a
    two week notice shows respect for your guest schedule. A cookout will normally last four to five hours.
  2. Prepare your guest list and notify your guest. There are many ways to invite guest (verbal invitations, or social media blast).
  3. Review your guest list as you begin to prepare your shopping list. Remember, even if people didn’t
    RSVP doesn’t mean they will not show, plan accordingly.
  4. Plan your menu. Be sure to include a light snack or appetizers, the main course, a few sides, and dessert. Be sure to think of any dietary restrictions.
  5. Write out your shopping list. Be sure to include all items (food, any cooking utensils you may need,paper products, decorations, and beverage)
  6. You may also opt to ask guest to bring a dish
  7. Make sure to allow cleaning time (inside and outside) a few days prior to the event.
  8. On the day of, it is important to allow ample time for cooking the food.
  9. Once the guest arrive and the food is prepared, it is time to enjoy your event and your guest.